The truth is…I liked IronMan

Superhero movies have come a long way haven’t they? Remember the first Batman; pure magic? And then Batman and Robin, with screenplay that’ll be worth a million in the distant future for being up there with the greats alongside Vogon poetry?

And then the first Spider-Man? Pretty good, but Tobey Maguire? And then there was Spider-Man 2. Still ok. Spider-Man 3 did more to erode expectations from comic to screen adaptations than anything else. Given the source materials, what a downer.

And so when Iron man was announced, I wasn’t exactly jumping for joy. Robert Downey Jr is a great actor, but still, it’s Iron Man. I haven’t read the comic, but from what I remember, the Iron Man cartoons of the 90s were pretty pathetic, with some really stupid villains like some Oriental dude with a magic ring? Bah.

I wouldn’t even have caught it except there was really nothing to do and I had money to squander and time to kill.
And it was really good. Go watch Iron Man without any expectations; even if you didn’t know it was based on a comic [which would negate the whole hype factor, arguably the biggest selling point for any self-respecting superhero movie; if it’s good on top of that, then it’s a truly awesome superhero movie, like batman Begins], Iron Man is a good movie.

The casting was spot-on especially Terrence Howard as [future] War-machine. You see, I just know there’s going to be a sequel and I can’t wait. The script is tight, believable and not-too-campy, snarky at some bits. Enjoyable all round.

And not forgetting the main star of the show. The anchor, and a darn good one at that, Robert Downey Jr took a generic character profile [black-and-white split-second decisions between good and evil] and made it his. Likable, enviable and most importantly believable. This was good acting in a superhero movie. I thought only method actors like Christian Bale would try that.

Kudos. Y’all should definitely catch it.


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