If you guys didn’t already know, Ctrl-Alt-Del has taken a break from the regular story arc to work on a a very unique premise of multi-participant choose-your-own-adventure webcomic.This links to the first strip of the new series.

So he gives you two strips, and at the end of the second one, gives a coupla choices for the protagonist to do next, so that readers can email the codewords that correspond to the choice they think the protagonist should consider, as a subject to author’s email address. Tim Bradley, the author in question, will then collate the number of responses in each filter, and see which one has the most entires and fashion the next lap of the storyline accordingly.

And I actually emailed the first two times. And you know what occurred to me after that? I was thinking, what if I observe what the others choose without direct participation? Verily, this is my preferred modus operandi in most day-to-day social relations, but never before have I observed myself doing such for a leisure activity, something potentially enjoyable.

And what’s even cooler, is that the thought occurred to me to step out and observe, and I also consciously realised I was observing actively, and I am essentially observing myself observe. Recursive meta-behaviour anyone?


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