*xam cheat sheets

Zomg, is the stress getting to us you think? Or are we just kickin’ it. Either way, I LOVE this kinda codespeak. Didn’t know I missed it until now though. It was something to look forward to, however dysfunctional.

Me: [on Saturday @ 9.40pm: pending 2 exams on Monday, both of which are particularly content-heavy] Crap. Haven’t studied. Slacking all day!

Me: and I realise I have yet to start on my elective!

YZH: parametrise time into its components and find its limits.

Me: [playing along] Answer is a vector line t*{monday}, where t is an arbitrary descriptor. For boundary conditions, “I’m in deep shit”, and ” Entropy in Universe is always increasing” and initial condition, Murphy’s Law, specific solution reduces t = this.coming

YZH: One other non-trivial solution is “repeat module next sem.”

Me: Oh I already considered that case. That solution is not bounded for certain x, where x is individual personality type. When x –> t; honor-based, for k=grade, solution –> hara kiri.

YZH: Syntax error.

Me: Argh wrong lib file! Need miracle.h !! Shite. Can’t compile.

(long radio silence during which time I type this out.)

Me: Lol, I’m gg to blog this.

YZH: You can’t. You’re bounded by time.

-_-” I lost! Daym. Btw, it’s ok if you don’t get it. We were like bringing in stuff we learnt this sem, like vector parametrisiation, PDE solving methods [semi-infinite 1-d bars anyone?], Thermodyn, computing and what not.
And if you do get it, sorry for being lame and irreverent! Lol.

I really am screwed though. Muse! Do your thang!


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