Emergency SOP

Say what you will about the beauty of Linux, but Knoppix’s interface sucks balls.

That said, it’s really messy in a GTD way…
When my eyes are close or squinting
Knoppix, my saviour. Thanks. During a recent Linux boot-or-die craze, well documented of course, I kinda sorta made burns of like at least 20 distros, at least 10 of which also function as LiveCDs, aka “you may need these if your Windows OS is broken and you need to back up stuff really badly but even Macroshit Exploder windows take dangerously suicidally long intervals to draw onscreen to reassure your already paranoid mind”.
And now I regret booting Knoppix. Fedora was nice, Ubuntu was…well brown. OpenSUSE was AWESOME, but meh too flashy for surgical strike operations. If you only have space for one LiveCD though, go for Knoppix. I’m not too sure about Fedora, but Ubuntu doesn’t give read/write access to your host drives, making meta-cleansing impossible. OpenSUSE…maybe it does, but it’s frigging 1.83GB to download! Too flashy man, for a LiveCD.

And all this buildup begs the question: Why oh why am I in Knoppix, evacuating valuable data instead of GTD on XP as usual? Considering my over-emphasis on clean crapware-free drives, and above-average skillz at preventing and obliterating any residual traces of aforementioned crapware on my drives, what caused the downer? I DON’T KNOW!! Oh man, whatever this is, it’s scaring the crap outta me. I checked EVERYTHING. Registry keys, Program Files, deleted suspicious programs..correction:program. I even quick scanned system32 folder against a backup copy, and Application Data and profile preferences. Everything I knew could be possibly done, was done, and I don’t know what happened. It was ok last night. I switched it on this morning, and it wouldn’t even log in. Grrr.

Anyway, it was time for a clean swipe. So… I kinda sorta appreciate the literal kickstart, though I wish it hadn’t happened now. Exams!
damn man.
Way too much data.
Daym. Hope the transfer goes well.


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