Wow, now I *know* I have mystical super abilities. Let me relate to you a story of intrigue and killer suspense, of…ok you get the point.
We have this programming module this sem rght? It’s self-study, so we have no lectures or anything. And as part of the course, we’re required to do assignments based on fundamental C skills.
Myself, I “learnt” C back in sec 1, and I realised I wasn’t very interested in programming, which is why I didn’t go on to C++ and Java. Anyway, sec 1 means…I learnt it what? 7 years ago? So I was slacking for the first 3 assignments right, which were basically asking to re-do examples from the lecture notes, which I didn’t touch until recently.
And this particular problem in assignment 4 was a deviation from the rigmarole of repeating examples, they had to make the very common Christmas tree program:
and so on. And somehow my friend couldn’t do it and he kept saying it was hard. I kinda sorta remember doing something like this for my course back in sec 1, so I said so. But I DIDN’T say I know how to do it [I said I knew…a long time ago.]
But this guy, he goes around telling everyone in a crude way, “Never fear. Salvation is here.” while pointing to me. In mental-speak, I was horrified to be put in a situation where my [doubtful] abilities were put to a challenge and I was more worried about what they’d think if I couldn’t do it after all this ballooning expectation.

So I go to the lab right, and I look at the question and it looks easy enough, but I’d forgotten where to start :S
As in I mean basic stuff like #include [stdio.h]. I guess I’m a bootstrapper that way. I work best with manipulating code, not creating it afresh. All the fine details bore me. A bad habit for a programmer, but surprisingly empowering when in pursuit of creativity.

So anyway I slowly figure out all the procedural workings myself, and in 5 minutes I’d written the loop and completed the program. Of course it didn’t compile correctly the first time, there were too many unnecessary variables in my loop haha. But the point being my code was good enough to be used. And guess what? The 5 minute exercise practically unlocked some hidden memories of the whole C course I did. Including the stuff about arrays and pointers and obscure lib files like strrev.h [haha I practically cheated on my C exam back then with that h file :D] All my skillz are back. [Yeah skillz with a z; as in skillzorz]
Isn’t that cool? I now have functional knowledge of something I studied, I daresay grudgingly, back in sec 1. W00t.

Anyway, this will not be an achievement in vain. Somehow lately I’ve been itching to get my feet wet in the OpenSource arena, if only for personal satisfaction. So come holidays, I’m going to write at least one functional program…I know it’s a big step, but someone’s gotta do it. In typical scratch an itch fashion, my first aim then, will be to build a fork of the already fabulous MP3Tag with a small resident player so that users can preview the files to see if they even want it before renaming it. 🙂 Nothing too ambitious actually, I’ll just have to mash two sets of codes [Billy’s code for music playing?] together and see how to fit the player into the GUI. And of course I’ll email the original authors for permission and support. GPL rawks.

If I do make it successfully right, and I beta test it [since I’m impatient, with maybe 5-10 files], I’ll put it up here, and you guys can use/beta-test with me,. I love MP3Tag and I can’t understate it’s importance in my OCD life, so I’m sure other people will have similar needs.

AND to push it up a notch, IF I’m successful, I’ll try porting the code to Objective C so it can run on a Mac 🙂
AND then I’ll try to input some Core Image/Audio transitions so it’s more Mac-like. Oosh, w00t. Affirmation made.
So it shall be written, so it shall be done.

But first, Organic Chemistry Quiz :S


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