Call me V-ii

This is a 3 minute speech I had to give earlier today for HW110 Effective Communication. Some people were telling me I was trembling like crazy. It wasn’t obvious, but the sheet I was holding was tracing out sinusoids at alarming frequency. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it. Think I have stage fright; it’s not debilitating, and I sound confident and dramatic, but fact is I tremble in front of a group of people. Every single time.

We were given close to two weeks to prepare. I procrastinated until 7am this morning. Presentation was due at 11.30am. Tell me about it. I find it lame when people tell me to do anything at all, with no restriction or guidelines. Nthing for me to challenge or beat. I get too many ideas and I can’t decide which will give the best outcome. Then again, I hate it when people tell me what not to do…or how to do something.
She told us to just prepare a persuasive speech…that’s it! That’s all the instruction we were given!

Anyway, this is what I said. Everyone clapped pretty loudly when I was done…I think. I can’t be sure though. I was hyperventilating, more embarassed that my trembling was so obvious. Geez, public speaking is something I need to buck up on.

*Disclaimer: it’s a bit FUD I warn you.

Good morning. I’m a free man. I’m here, freely, representing Anarchist International. And I’m going to tell you a few truths about your governments that you may not already know, may not want to know; but these truths have to be told anyway.

The political spectrum has two poles, ideologically different poles. The neoconservative, miltaristic, nationalistic right vs the socially liberal, or so they claim, left with strong emphasis on achieving equality for all, at any cost. Democracy is somewhere in between, closer to the left, but to the right of socialism of course.

The problem with this analytical objective spectrum is that it assumes, asserts even that people MUST be ruled, just by different kinds of powers. I reject this assertion; it’s not true. The opposite of love is NOT hate, it’s apathy. The opposite of total totalitarian government control is the lack of control, not “benevolent” government control. Anarchy, ladies and gentlemen, the lack of any system of control.

Some of you have some preconceived notions about anarchy. Maybe you think there’ll just be chaos. Rampant crime for no rhyme or reason, only because there is no govt to keep us in check. Realise that these are images that have been implanted into your heads by the controlled mass media. Mass fed subtle propaganda to make their brand of slavery vastly preferable to your own individual freedom. They are telling you that you can’t trust yourself, so give them the vote and propagate these sham elections, to willingly give them power to spank you.

Why do they resort to this kind of deception? Because everyone knows there’s something wrong with this system. We complain, we grumble and we get frustrated. It’s like a splinter in the back of your head, and you keep reaching for it but you can’t get it out.

Realise that they can’t allow you to be free. If they did, they’d have no more control over you. And that’s what they want. They’ve had it for so long, they’re willing to fight to the death to keep that control. Decpetion is nowhere close to death, so…

Realise that the crimes they attribute to anarchy are functions of the governments. That’s right. Governments themselves are legal organised mafia. [Nepotism (in spirit at least), check; coordinated financial/armed attacks against dissidents and enemies, check; codes of “honour” serve as justification=penal code + constitution, check; etc etc] They have their own army and virtually infinite ways to terrorise.

They promise equality of outcome, equality of condition or worse, the ultimate liberal fantasy, (or should I say fallacy?), equality of opportunity, but they fall short on every count, on every claim every single time. You know why? That’s because they never intended to fulfill those promises…they just said what needed to be said so you’d do what they told you you needed to do.

Reject this, my dear audience. Demand your freedom and your right to your freedom to day. (protesting hand raise) Novus Ordo Mundi!

Yes I’m aware that shouting “New World Order” at the end of a speech that was about anarchy sounds oxymoronic. Caveat lector?

And…no I didn’t say all this just to fulfill academic requirements. Meant it all. 🙂


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