Woodbridge, we have a problem.

I can’t help it. Now I KNOW for a fact I have a problem.
OCD Complex

See that top bar? That’s all the tabs that are open. And that’s a FRACTION of all the tabs I had open. It’s been three hours and counting. 😥
Let me explain.

For a while now, I’m allergic to libraries. Used to love them, used to go regularly. But recently I just feel nauseous when I go inside. So I don’t. In fact the only time I went in recently was to borrow out Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy and photocopy the Babel parts after a seven month hiatus. I had to run out almost. Considering I used to be a premium member and borrow eight books every two weeks…

Anyway, I still read a lot. Almost always online. I think I don’t have to justify that. The links you see everyday are just the few I highlight as good among my daily surfsites.
And then I found docstoc.com. And I discovered a new use for Scribd.com. These are awesome websites, endless repositories of documents and ebooks. And ever since I got hooked on these websites, and that was soon after the library allergy began, I can’t stop. Almost every weekend, I start reading the articles.. And when I finish, I download a few hundred related one. And I can’t stop the downloading. I have to get ever book on the subject. I watch myself click and click and it’s repetitive and I hate repetition but I can’t stop. Every page has links to other related documents and I open those in background tabs and continue clicking. I have been clicking for the past 3 hours. After the blog post, I’m going back…Is that OCD?


FARK, Scribd has a download limit and only 100+ of the close to 1000 I downloaded were actual links. 😥 WTF.


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