You know, sometimes you have an amazing library of music [ I think I do!], and you love blasting those tracks [take care of your ears though] on your MP3 Player.

But the moment it comes to doing work, I mean, really getting stuff done [efficiently], most of that music isn’t going to work. It’s too distracting, provocative. It’s all I can do to keep yourself from bursting into song and dance in air-karaoke mode. I’ve tried everything; lowering the volume to a whisper kinda defeats the purpose of having the music on anyway.

I, netizens, have since stumbled upon a cure. Throw away all those relaxation music you reserve only for cramming sessions. Unless you like them of course. I reintroduce you to the concept of reverbration. Play the sample and you will see the difference in sound it makes.

What reverbration does for your listening experience is insta-de-focus. Ears are constantly on the…um “lookout” for sharp definable sounds and the more reverb music has, the more muffled it gets. Instruments become incorporeal and voices become ethereal whispers. Good stuff. Imagine trashcore sounding like a remixed Brian Eno track. This is magic.

So maximise your productivity in style! Get reverb for your audio player of choice.
I really wanted to source down a free iTunes plugin for reverb. There’s only one that has awesome reviews but it’ll set your back US$20. If you’re wiling to invest, look up iWOW. Won’t bother linking it. There are other ways…

Mac users! Don’t despair, I’ve found this awesome little app called Toolplayer [Leopard users get this beta]. It supports an amazing number of formats, has reverb built-in, but the tradeoff: no playlists and no shuffle. I really don’t mind that though; I’m not supposed to when I’m studying.

There’s also Play OS X, but it’s not very stable [at least it wasn’t for me. YMMV] and takes forever to load big libraries.

For Winamp [and therefore Windows], there’s a couple of plugins: DeFX and Freeverb. There were others, but these looked minimalistic and decent.

DeFX is available for XMMS too, so Linux users shouldn’t feel left out. Besides, why are you complaining? You guys have Amarok 😥

So just get the plugins, modify as needed. The effects are done in realtime, so you should be able to tell what you like. Try to get the far-out spaced stoned effect. For ToolPlayer, that effect is a preset called Drugged. Psychotic is overkill.

Enjoy mugging ye peeps.


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