Does that look like a total Web 2.0 name or what? Now if I had some capital, I’d proceed to make a dot come company around the name. Certainly worked for twittr. Haha.

I’m sorry I feel contempt for twittr…it’s got an awesome interface and it’s great they made it work so well and got so many people to sign up, but I think the main concern nowadays is we don’t have as much privacy as we’d like. I dunno if I’d like anyone at all knowing what I’m doing at all times. If I want you to know, you’ll know. Besides, what’s to stop people from lying. I’m sure regular dorks run out of cool things to say. “I’m relieving bodily needs.” “I’m answering the call of the wild.” “I’m going to pay homage to the great porcelain altar.” Right.

I digress. I really like this new Ubuntu Brainstorm upstart. I think if it’s even half as responsive and helpful as ubuntuforums, Intrepid Ibex is going to rock even n00bies’ socks. What *I* want to highlight is the grave need for constantly updated reviews. Stuff like the latest releases of BIG software say Office 2007/8 get multiple pages of indepth reviews even before they hit RC status. Games…well the latest games get all the attention. But what about older software? Like games released 1 to 2 years ago, or even 3. What about widespread software like IE and Firefox. They’re so commonplace that no one even bothers reviewing them anymore. At best, they just quote the updated features and bug fixes. We don’t want that. We want a full-fledged review; call it a “scratch an itch” hunch. I’ve been in that situation where I’ve wanted to try out some “older” software but couldn’t find info about it anywhere cos there’s a new version. What if I absolutely HAVE to use the old version for any reason? I suspect I’m not the only one, and I propose a review project, monthly to biannually, get an earnest review out for the people who need it. How about it?

Well the audience who will benefit the most are gamer-stragglers [like moi] who can’t be hal-arsed to save up for the latest gfx chips. If I can’t play the game yet, I’ll wait until I can. But I’d like to know what updates are available, including unofficial fan-made patches, and how it’ll run in retrospect on my system [which may still not overexceed requirements] and I’d want additional links to good/updated mods for that game. Right?
And for normal software, well if it’s anything like Firefox, a top ten/twenty list of addons, themes, related software, alternatives with comparison. get it? It’ll be a one-stop quick rundown of whether that software is still worth your trouble.
Another big area will be the grey region of beta-projects. If you spend decent amounts of time around F/OSS software, you’re going to run into forks. New forks. Forks that are available for public, but not quite primetime material yet. But how non-primetime is it on a monthly basis? Examples like Flock and Qtrax and even Songbird. These are worthy and respected projects but they say Flock and Songbird are buggy. How buggy?
Buggy only when you go in search of bugs? If all you ever do is visit Facebook and blog and occasionally google for research items and the bugs don’t occur on these pages, wouldn’t the featureset benefits far outweigh the occasional bugs, otherwise invisible to a l-user?

Any seconders?


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