If belly flopping is a sport and a worthy-of-mention fetish, so is skinning. Never one who appreciated XP’s default Luna theme [too cartoony], for the longest time now, I’ve been actively making things look better and elegant. To have a desktop that I’d be proud of using. I pride myself on my design ethics, so when I’m proud of using it, it’s pretty damn cool, and stremalined and elegant, no exceptions. Seriously, serial-tagging 2000+ mp3 files individually, tracking down original names, album, ft artists, album art one by one, days on end, teaches patience and builds character. Really, a computer is supposed to be the most logical thing in the house; what sense in keeping it messy? It’s like buying brooms and mops but never using them.

Here’s a few I found recently in my backups. I used to have an entire folder, named on a monthly basis. Sigh, those were the days.

Jan 07

Feb 07

I think you’re starting to notice a heavy Mac vibe. This is not a coincidence.
But after a recent reformat, I decided FlyaKite took up too much resources for its own good, so decided to go with something more natural. An evolution of Windows if you will. Hint hint?

Vista def

Anyway the dreamdays of skinning [I loved deviantArt’s visual styles community!] came to an end when patching to SP3 beta. And I’ve been too lazy to repatch uxtheme.dll. Talking about this made me want to relive the old days. Download UXTheme Multi Patcher here. And get some skins here. I recommend Foton. T’was a dream.

Anyway, here’s a screenie I took earlier today. In all geekiness, I find BOINC’s visualisations pretty damn cool.


edit: After the recent skinning
Mar 2008


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