I’ll be really busy this coming break. Not only do I have to catch up with all those lectures I missed or didnt pay attention to, [that would be all of them….], I also have embarked on the serious project to get a functional personal website online by the end of the week.

I initially had an overly perfectionistic design ethic and anything I actually managed to code in Dreamweaver came up as a pale substitute, so I’ve decided to cut the frills for now, and get the basic website running. I CAN tell you now that the design is very similar to the blog theme [which I’ve fallen in love with] and although I’m calling it Logic Gate [a hats off for my first blog, back in the days of HCJC. Oh boy don’t get me started on that…I’m not very proud of it. For the longest time I was typing in sms lingo and stuff. And it was almost exclusively personal. But I’ve grown since then, and understood that I don’t have to share what I “feel” here. It’s really irrelevant and really, I don’t like sharing.], I don’t think you’ll see too many electronic problems there….although that’s what I was aiming for the good part of last week. Sigh, sometimes I have to admit I’m too demanding of myself. Bah.

Anyway, what WILL be posted on the website that will not feature here are a coupla personal projects I’ve adopted in recent weeks, among others.

Firstly there will be a running sub-webpage focussed on unification of mthologies. I’m calling it Gods of Gravity, so do take a look when I’m done.

Also there’s all the stuff my grandpa printed out about Vedic astrology. In the absence of a comprehenive astrology manual online, I’ll post that up as well, piecemeal after heavy editing. The formatting is out of whack. Blame Office 95 documents rendered pathetically in Office 2008 [Mac]…

But don’t wory, the blog will still be the primary form of external critique [hehe] and the website will essentially be..well, a foundry for fnctional ideas. I can safely tellyou that the honour roll documents will be archived there, and I reserve final judgement on whether future Honour Roll documents end up here or there or both, on a case by case basis.

Yeah…that’s all folks. Might not blog the next week. And I’m fairly confident this is not a monologue and I do have readers…woohoo 90 a day on some days + an average of 22/day. I dunno…for a personal blog, I think those are good figures. Of course I don’t know how long you guys stay each time: could be you get here with a wrong link in some search engine and you leave ASAP, but I do hope that’s not the case. 🙂


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