Meat is murder.

I quit eating meat over a year ago. At that time, it was a miracle. No one thought I could do it. Considering in NS, where the cookhouse generated staple muck daily that was so uniquely bad I usually just ate the meat and derivatives [which still had some kinda recognisable shape]. Unlike many other things that i plan to do, I didn’t manage to fix a date in advance with a reward the day before for the noble undertaking. maybe that is the secret of this particular success; a cold turkey [pun not intended] on meat. So I just woke up one day and stopped.

Even then it wasn’t a perfect transition. I branded myself a pescetarian, like El Jobso, and still enjoyed occasional fishiness. But the process of having to explain the unique loophole in selective vegetarianism was a pissoff. And a certain individual [thanks sis!] did her part in convincing me to go the distance. So that’s when I became completely vegetarian. No moments of weakness. No minor failures. No let ups, no exceptions. Pure detox. If people asked why, I’d say “for fun.”

Why did I *really* go veggie? On a whim really. To see if I couldn’t do it. I take this kinda self-bets very seriously. They build character. Anyway, I’m STILL waiting to see if I fail. No wait….not anymore.

This is truly disgusting. I had only a faint idea of the injustices; no details. No thank you, not everything should be censored. Screw that stereotypical meadow of cows. The reality is far more rusty.
I support PETA now. I didn’t before; I used to think they were extreme wing of SPCA zealots. I agreed with their anti-fur protests and anti-cruelty campaigns but the unnecessary glamour and celebrity of their methods seemed a bit…gaudy. Not anymore. It doesn’t matter what the message is like, as long it’s the right message. I’m sure Kentucky Fried Cruelty would agree.
PETA 2 is also an admirable community of ground-level activists doing small-time local protests and if you’re into this kinda stuff, you should go have a look as well.

Watch this.

Usually I’ll give a warning if it’s graphically unsuitable, but if not viewing essentially helps you feel better about ignoring the reality, continuing to eat meat AND sleep better at night, then I’d rather you view the images.

I don’t think eating meat is ethically wrong. Don’t bring ethics into survival. Carnivorous behaviour is not only normal, it’s also necessary.
Consider a hypothetical situation involving tigers and rabbits.
If all tigers go vegetarian all of a sudden , then the rabbits will…um…reproduce like rabbits and the local ecosystem will be overrun. That’s not good is it? Some would argue that the rabbit population would initially increase exponentially and then fall as the food becomes scarcer. To that I say, it’s not just rabbits that will die, even the tigers will [they became vegetarians remember?].
And then the unrealists will say stuff about how humans are supposed to be more enlightened than animals and that’s why we have to make the distinction clear by not eating meat among other things. Dear saints, that’s all very well, but it just so happens that the area of potential farmland is constantly decreasing due to overfarming among other things, and we’re still not even meeting basic required amounts. There are so many people on the planet now, and a large number of them eating just one meal a day. Let’s not talk about the nutrition content.
Humans have canines and incisors AND molars; we evolved from omnivores and we haven’t become herbivorous yet. In fact it’d be an evolutionary disadvantage if we did now. So we’re omnivores and there’s not enough veggies to go around for everyone. Solution: eat meat. It’s not wrong to want to be alive.

To put it all in perspective, tigers [again] hunt rabbits and eat them, don’t they? Is that wrong? No ethical decision here, move along people. However, does the tiger round up all the potential rabbits it will ever need in its lifetime, trap them in a cave, breed them ceaselessly such that the new generations will never get to live life as normal rabbits, feed them irregularly on purpose so the meat is more delectable, and finally kill more rabbits than it will need in any one meal, and throw the rest away as waste? Nope. These endearing traits are uniquely human, and shame on you if you bring up survival in this context.

That’s it: what’s wrong is this cruelty and unethical supply of meat! We solved the sustainability problem alright, genetic enhancement and drug-induced overgrowth but at what cost? These animals are now living longer; living longer in cages and that’s the only world they’ll know until the day they die and on that day, they’ll prefer the cage to the alternative.

I am disgusted, and ashamed to be a former meat-eater and so screw you, sue me, I WILL judge you if you continue to eat meat in front of me even after you’ve seen the truth and/or had someone give a heads up.
Here’s the updated stand. If I ever eat meat again, it’ll be that of an animal I hunt myself, Rambo-style if need be [but I’ll settle for Wii fly-fishing], keeping in mind sustainability and pain management. Eating meat may not be wrong, but the process of acquiring it needs a bit of honour and indeed respect. Remind me to research how they deal with animals meant for halal and kosher consumption. I hear the process is supposed to be painless*. [*refer to comments below: rude awakening. Maybe not.]

If I may, I would even point out that sacrificial rituals may have originally been a way to appease the gods; in all probability, it could’ve been a way of honouring an animal killed for meat. [Of course it could’ve also started as a substitute for human sacrifice.]

I’m not saying don’t eat meat. I’m telling you that if the meat source is unethical and cruel, the LEAST you can do is stop eating meat for a while with a public outcry, thereby indirectly giving this industry the crunch and incentive to change. You shun terrorism and extreme views, but these people are terrorists too; only they’re not hurting humans. Why the double standards?

And then go one step further. It’s not like the cows making milk are given better treatment. Screw milk. If the meat industry can’t make major money from meat, it can still cut its losses with leather. Stop buying leather stuff.

And then we get to animal testing.
In the food industry. Even make-up. I know St.Ives is animal-testing-free and reasonably priced. Why not?
The argument for animal testing in the makeup industry is prevention of cancerous chemicals that is apparent only in the long term….Find another way dammit. Do you really want another living thing’s blood on your hands, or face? And the worst part is, the testing is literally torture, where the animals are force-fed various chemicals through pipes directly to the stomach, eyes and what not. To be tested is to be killed [mostly painfully] to be dissected and tested for lab reports. They’re not even killed directly. They’re genitally or anally electrocuted which induces a heart attack. The FDA even compulsorily requires animal testing before approving drugs of any kind.
And the worst part is, animals are not humans and so the tests are generally useless. For example, mice have generally poorer eyesight, especially albino mice used in research. Testing the effect of drugs on the mice, and tabulating results on the effects on the eye are in effect, totally useless. But they’re done anyway.
Thank god Mao has been a staunch supporter of St Ives stuff since forever. Good AND reasonably priced.

We HAVE to stop this. Methodically. Slowly. Certainly.

edit: I think I’m going to forgo eggs and milk as well. But I won’t call myself vegan. “Human” is a more apt label. Grrrr.
edit: eggs are still pretty easy to give up. But milk! Milk is in everything. Damn. Weaning myself off milk has cost me my early morning Milo drink, my biweekly Yakuly/Vitagen, and basically almost any pastry with cheese on it. How did we get to be so dependant on other mammals’ milk?


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