At the Dalai Lama’s behest

Values in parantheses are mine.
1) Arrange the following in order of preference: Horse, Cow, Tiger, Pig, Sheep.

2) Describe each of the following with one word:
Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee, Sea

3) Write down a name you most associate with the colour.
Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green.

4) There was one more but I realise it’s just to propogate the bloody chain mail.

1′) Meaning: The arrangement signifies your priorities.
Horse is family.
Cow is career.
Sheep is love.
Pig is money.
Tiger is pride.
{Tiger, Horse, Sheep, Cow, Pig}: I’ll be a poor poor famous man lol.

2′) The adjectives used describe the following as well.
Dog – Yourself
Cat – Your [desired] partner
Rat – Your enemies
Coffee – Your interpretation of sex
Sea – Your opinion of your life
{Loyalty, Independence, Inquistive [noun: Inquisition? lol no Inquistiveness], Narcotic, Calming}

3′) The people matched with the colours mean these to you:
Yellow: Someone you’ll never forget.
Orange: A true friend
Red: someone you really love
White: twin soul
Green: someone you’ll remember for the rest of your life [how is this different from yellow?]
Disclaimer: I didn’t actually visualise it this way. I associated people by colour-mood-archetype. And the yellow on the paper was really a pale ghastly pasty oriental [kidding!]yellow that I didn’t like. And for a coupla colours I couldn’t really think of a name outright, so I had to look through my phonebook. How pathetic.
{Omit [no badmouthing on my blog], CWL, Steven [I’m NOT gay!], ex-muse, Agatha}

I think the first two weren’t too far from perfect.


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