The need for affirmations rises again! Hear ye, hear ye.
I’ve been enthusiastic about a lot of things lately, as usual. And I keep signing up for a lot of stuff, especially extra-curricular stuff, usually more than i can handle. Well Adhi told me this golden gem of a quote: Busy is not in my dictionary. And I’m not busy, never too busy to do someting I like, like blog or play Call of Duty 2 with the Matador Merciless Mod [FTW!!!!] among other things. But lately, I just don’t have the energy to do stuff. Seriously I feel drained out. Shagged. Whipped out of breath. Catch my drift. it’s probably not the diet; I’m eating healthier than ever before. (We’ll get to that later.)
So I proclaim now, in my infinite wisdom no less, that biomechanical energy is synergistic, and it’s more than the sum of the calories I intake, and that it’s mind over matter to the very end. I shan’t run out of energy anymore. Yeah; so there.

Next, I now have a name to go with the potential initiate’s face. Thanks Mith. Now I gotta get the preliminary investigation en route. Need to start getting mused by the end of mid-semester break.

Next, I’ve been gearing for CR all this while. Meaning following the general principles all this while, but not the details. Like calorie reduction but not calorie-rich food reduction? Get my drift. So the actual CR will start now: 22.02 on my watch. That’s done too.

And finally, think it’s time to get rid of an extra nasty sailor’s mouth I’ve developed. Oh god, I can’t even remmeber what i was like before, but now it’s really bad. I’m worse than marilyn manson. No more eff word; limits at screw, bloody and shite. Ok..that’s done then.


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