To be or [more likely] not to be.

This is very curious. Ever gotten the feeling when you just get introduced to someone and at the moment of eye contact, there is an electric chill and you get a very intuitive feeling that this person could potentially be a good mate, a best friend, or at least someone you can get along with? And this is confirmed by the rest of the conversation.

But somewhere in it, they drop the bomb, or maybe it’s mutual and you realise, something about the person’s duties or permanent geographical location will permanently put a dent in how often you get to meet. In all probability, this potentially electrifying relationship is being nipped in the bud and more often than not I wish I’d never known the person in the first place so I wouldn’t have to deal with the absence of said person later.

It happens a lot, and now that I’m actively socialising, more often than ever. Makes me wonder if I was better off before.


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