NTU MUN 2008

Day 1: Now I have a better understanding of why the democratic process doesn’t work out all the time. The ideals are commendable but the actual doing [oh sorry for mentioning doing when the issues take AGES to be talked off the table to even pass a simple resolution]…WHERE is the action? All talk!!

And the problem is, in the international arena such as UN committees, it doesn’t make sense to be accomodating. What’s the point? It’s about the only place even “unimportant” parties get something akin to a one vote share in the goings-on of the world. And I dunno, it seems infantile to waste such votes and precious time on irrelevant details like phrasology! Doesn’t the UN have a legal arm to monitor the paperwork? Dammit.

I’ll bring you up to speed. I’m in the IAEA representing Ireland [which I’m putting forward as a forward-thinking pragmatic pacifistic state] and we’re currently discussing whether or not to allow the US-India 123 deal to go forward. You’d think the whether yes or no question would be a no-brainer, considering the very real alternatives that IF rejected, US – India may still go forward with the deal without the approval of the IAEA, or India will just research thorium processes on its own like it has always done. Come on! The issue, for me, isn’t a question of yes or no, but how the existing NPT framework affects the deal and whether India should be given exception status and all things given, is it fair to other countries?

And fair enough, notable countries like North Korea [lol, that guy was hilarious!] highlighted the lack of transparency in the arbitrary decision to deal with India but not with others and to the criteria-based approach put forward by some delegates who supported the deal but with conditions, Pakistan, PRC and N.Korea proceeded to ask what the criteria were and when some were stated, highlighted the inherent bias of the criteria proposals that automatically excluded the stable administrations of North Korea and Pakistan [lol!!!]. And you know what? They were decent objections. Fair enough.

But the WHOLE council got distracted with a MINOR issue about a allegation that Brazil was re-processing spent nuclear fuel into U-235. It was only an allegation but that took up MORE time than the issue we were there to discuss. I don’t know…I’m not very optimistic about tomorrow..

edit Day 2: Tomorrow is now in rapid danger of becoming yesterday, and I didn’t enjoy today. There was really a lot of tension going around in the room. I understand the Indian guests we had were very competitive but I didn’t appreciate that some were competitive to the point of getting so flustered they were pissed off at certain reps EVEN during the breaks. I mean it’s one thing to pretend you’re a UN country delegate and another to do the same while having personal prejudices. Meh.
But the event just ended and I know with alarming certainty that if the applications go up again for next year’s event, or even NUS’ counterpart event, I will definitely apply. What does that say? Am I not being clear?
This is what democracy is all about, isn’t it? You don’t always get what you want, but the hope is always there. So you may get shot down, but you just get up, pick up the pieces and try again.

Thanks to organizing committee for organising a hassle-free NTU MUN. I’m actually overwhelmed by the meticulous detail of the student effort. A job well done, definitely!


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