Aaargh! I was happy. I really was happy you know? I was en route to forgetting. I was nowhere close to forgetting, but it’s a healing process and I was healing. And then she added me again. What a quandary. Me with this OCD complex about adding anyone I know but no one I don’t…should I add her or not? I deleted her for a reason! Why would she do this? Why now of all times? Why me?
Then I realised, some automation in Friend Finder that I forgot to untick sent the invite. It all comes back to me. It’s MY fault the invite was answered. Now I feel terrible. I promised never to bother [said person] ever again. Partly because I promised myself never to bother about said person ever again. What have I done??

Anyway, request rejected. Friend deleted. Don’t mind me for taking online profile linking seriously [I do]. But the dull numb throbbing is back and it’ll take ages to go away again. Lather rinse repeat huh?


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