Call of Duty 2

I started on Call of Duty 2 and I’m currently halfway done. This morning. I know. what have I been waiting for. If you like FPS, then Call of Duty 2 is for you. For people who want some attempt at a story, it’s in there. For people who want challenging combat situations, CoD2 is for you. I don’t know if I can say anything about the AI, there appears to be a lot of scripted events and most times I can’t tell apart what was intended and what was the AI in action. It really doesn’t matter really. It’s a visceral fast-paced believable game that still looks decent. Considering the amount of action going on on-screen at any one time, the engine gets a pat on the back. You could argue it’s linear and the levels are a bit short; it’s true. But the playtime is pure gold and never lets up. This is one of those games where you feel dumb sometimes cos you’re not the alpha male. In fact, most of the time I envy my teammates who steal the show and I feel like I’m just picking off survivors. Yeap I felt damn safe with the NPCs on my side. They give you the impression they could finish the level on their lonesome. They take cover and they flank. Throw grenades and smoke when necessary. But of course they hand around for the player before proceeding and in this linear game, proceeding = uncovering level plot. The levels are robust, and you’ll have multiple objectives as you go along, true to army tradition of Charlie Mike: continue mission. From freezing inland Russia, to Tunisia, Belgium, you play in a variety of maps that seem well designed.


So for CoD2, I’d say it’s like a movie. Ther’s only one way the devs wanted you to see this game unfold and you prob won’t see it any other way, thanks [or no thanks] to the heavy scripting. But once you start playing, it’s a wild ride. That much is guaranteed.

If you haven’t yet tried CoD2 [is that even possible? I thought I was the last one.], you owe it to yourself to get a bargain copy and find out what war feels like. And if you want more realism [read: violence] and you think CoD2’s native Hard mode is just barely irritating, install this mod called Merciless Matador. It introduces the brutality of gravitational drops and whiplash decapitations into the game while making it ten times harder [at least].


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