Belated resolutions

I suddenly want to make resolutions. What’s the point of making resolutions if I don’t keep em up? Hmm watch me! I can surprise ye yet.

First up, get back on CRON. India trip didn’t help. Was fuelled on an hourly basis, mostly against my wishes.

Get fitter. Two in one deal here. I have to train for IPPT anyway. By JUNE!! But I’ll try and make it a lifestyle thing.

By the end of the year, I’ll get basic working knowledge on body langauge, face reading and palmistry.

I want to know the value of money. I don’t know why. I WANT to work for every dollar I spend….wow I’ve never felt that way before. It just kept coming like water and I didn’t seem to care how long more. Now I do. Today I did. I want to work. Get me a job! Ideally I wanna work weekends at an Apple Store.

And finally, by the end of the year, stop moping and get a muse. It seems the second time isn’t going to be a walk-in interview, so I’ll have to go out of my way to secure one. Arr, so be it. What’s the big deal anyway? Nothing I can’t handle. The only problem is finding one. Gambatte!


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