The Man From Earth

OMG. OMG OMG OMG. I have just watched this movie that’s been sitting on my backup hard-drive for MONTHS now cos I couldn’t be half-arsed to watch it, and I was just about to delete it today and on a whim decided not to and thank God I didn’t. Boy, what a spinning good yarn!

I’m not that big on movie reviews, but you’ve probably never even heard of this indie gem. It’s amazing; tight performances by all, a detail-tight SCI-FI plot [virtually unheard of in indie flicks] but NO CGI. This is purely a dialogue between a group of college professors; a biologist, a theologist, an archaeologist and an anthropologist, all friends of the protagonist. Who incidentally claims to be a 14000 year old Cro Magnon man. Need I say more? Get this some way or another! And watch the drama unfold.

If the story [by Jerome Bixby] was good enough, the direction is just as good. The characters and the director know exactly which stage of disbelief you’ll be in as the story progresses, and just for a moment near the end, you’ll feel cheated and betrayed counter-intuitively. I count that as a glorious feeling after watching a movie. Case in point: Waking Life.

Long story short, if movies like Waking Life appeal to the intellectual in you, but you want something more accessible as well, then The Man From Earth is for you.

Wow, respect. I really should pay more attention to the indie scene.


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