MacWorld 2008

I just watched the live stream and it was AWESOME. As always. Apple consistently manages to churn out delightful-looking YET innovative and useful products. But despite the hoo-ah about the Macbook Air [it’s very pretty I admit] I think the show stealer, for me, is Time Capsule. A world-class router AND print server + 500GB-1TB of backup memory for only S$489? That’s really a competitive price know? My router’s down and there really isn’t any competition, I’m getting Time Capsule first opportunity I get.

About the Macbook Air…well I do think it’s a weee bit of a rip off. While everyone will appreciate having less weight and the beautiful aesthetics, all thanks to the removal of a optical drive, you know, other models remove the optical drive from the main unit but they still give it to you as part of the package. $99 for the external drive that’s SUPPOSED to come with that computer for that high price you pay? And no ethernet. WiFi n-standard support is good and all, but sometimes you just don’t have access to wireless, or you wanna crunch on battery power for at least a while. Ethernet wouldn’t have taken up THAT much space would it? Maybe the price should’ve been closer to the Macbbok premium, not the Macbook Pro.
I also know for a fact that 80GB is cutting it too close for a desktop experience whose trump card is multimedia. You’re gonna fill that up in no time. No wonder they included Time Machine in the product listing.

But despite all those gripes, Air is an unbelievable sexy product. Way to go Apple.


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