Leopard woes.

There’s a problem with Leopard; it’s too perfect. it’s almost sterile. I installed it and right off that bat, it’s perfect. It’s self-sufficient, it seems to be running everything you really need, especially with Time Machine and Spaces added to the mix.

Plus, if you’re not really picky about HIG being broken with wrong perspectives in the dock and are satisfied with a quick terminal crack to fix the translucent menubar [mine’s a bit grayish now], there’s really nothing wrong with the desktop either. 😦 I don’t feel like there’s anything I can really do to…well spice it up.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it could mean Apple’s being control-freaky FOR me. I just got too used to modding from my Doze days I guess, seeing that the default Luna theme was nice for maybe the first five minutes and after that, the oversized bubbly-padded-looking menubars start to grate on your minimalist senses. Oh poo. Year and years of modding XP [thanks FlyaKite!] to look like a bona fide Mac and now I actually have a Mac and I’m not having fun anymore.

And you know what? Aqua is awesome. Aqua has come a long way but frankly I think it just feels like more of the same. Leopard just has a very sophisticated version of Aqua yet… Sigh. You can’t just change the wallpaper, make the menubar unreadable and the dock snazzy and call it a new variation! I liked the concept [of space], guess they didn’t go through with the theming then huh? I was kinda sorta waiting for Onyx. Saw that in the interface flowcharts floating around on the web. I imagined something that matched Quicklook maybe. I dunno, space is dark right?


Don’t get me wrong; I love my Macbook.


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