UsMc-LiTe: OMFG I JUST GOT A GF!!!!!!!!!
AkIrAgOrN909: Sadly folks, hes talking about the Grandfather sword in Diablo 2.

Ayn Rand is the curdled remains of a black, bitter, shrivelled apple from the tree of hypocrisy growing under the outhouse in the deepest pit of Hell. She couldn’t grope her way out of her own rectum with a flashlight and a copy of Gray’s Anatomy. Her entire rancid philosophy could have been killed if anyone had been brave or desperate enough to stick their penis into that frigid arctic pucker of her twat.

Lol, crass, but hilarious. ladies.

My phone’s fixed! But those idiots put fingerprints all over the INSIDE of the screen and swear they’re scratches! WTF! Now I have to go to another place just to get that fixed. But the fact is, I’m leaving tomorrow, and I’m really sorry to have to go. I was having a swell time and it was in general great to meet grandpa, and grandma and all the cousins I haven’t seen since forever.

Oh yeah, the first quote above, reminded me. I shall have to redouble my efforts in portrait collection. I guess I got distracted from the essence of it a while back, but now I know what I want, and why. I can’t seem to find one particular public profile though, so I’ll have to rely on the innumerable backups I’ve made over the years. Thank god for OCD.

And I JUST realised that Christmas has come and gone [whimper] and New Year is coming! This is all too sudden really. As I said, painkiller haze. I now recall they aired Matrix Reloaded on TV for Christmas, but it didn’t register that it w3as Christmas, not completely! What a let-down; not that I celebrate…but it’s still good to KNOW that I spent it consciously. Makes me wonder what else I did when I should’ve been doing other stuff.

Aaaargh the NTU UN conference is on the 12th, and I’m assigned Ireland under the IAEA I thinkie, but I haven’t prepared at all!!! Busy busy when I get back!


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