Painkiller haze

Ouch. My K800 fails me 😦 It just stuck up this morning when I was changing SIM card, and won’t switch back on. ALL MY DATA!!!! Horror.

I was going to type out excerpts from Ayn Rand’s Anthem, but suddenly, I don’t have the mood. Sorry. I like Ayn Rand though. She has this unique life philosophy called Objectivism. I’ll read up on it in the near future.

Also I’m proud to admit that unexpectedly, I visited a World Heritage Site in India, and that place would be Dakshin Chitra. It’s just on the outskirts of Chennai, along the magnificent East Coast. It’s a quaint place where ancient houses in the traditions of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Karnataka [southern states of India] have been constructed down to architectural accuracy. It’s very well maintained, and you can enter all these houses and see what it was like then. Plus they had a lot of handicrafts-men come over and even demo/teach how to do stuff like palmistry, traditional village dances, kalamkari paintings, Rajasthani miniature paintings, stone carvers, silk sari weavers [with working looms], potters and so on. It was really cool.

And we went to this Sai Baba temple nearby where I saw a miracle in real-time. This dhuni [whatever that means] that Sai Baba himself yogically lit 140 years ago in Shirdi [his hometown] is still burning to this day, and a piece of it is in this particular temple, and the ash is collected everyday and given to devotees. It’s not a big bon-fire or anything, just embers in a closed room, but there’s no smoke that I noticed, and you know how when you see embers they soon crust up with greyish ash, this wasn’t happening here!
Oooh, I’m really interested in reading up on the Babas now.


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