Re-l Mayar

She is hawt. I totally dig this look!
And she’s uncomfortably like an adult Asuka.
Much can be said about hawt brooding goth babes with generous mascara, and hawtyhawthawty is one of them. 🙂
Just finished watching Ergo Proxy; it’s much in the Evangelion skein, but I could visibly feel the influence of Planescape Torment vibe. Nameless One anyone? No seriously? And I have to admit, it was a bit irritating towards the middle of the second season when you have episodes where you’re not clear anything is happening at all, but in all fairness SOME information is being leaked to you in a totally unobvious way. A gameshow, for crying out loud! And the ending was…bah mixed feelings really. If only for Pino’s sake, I’d say watch it!

Hmmm, in the show, a virus called cogito infects autonomous robots with Turing applications [ie they’re able to function like normal humans in thought and emotion display, while being totally loyal to human commands], such that they have “free will” per se. And part of the whole plot is trying to answer “What can change the nature of a man?” or in other words, what is the essence of a man? Is it memories? The main character is seemingly amnesiac, so is he less of a person for not knowing who he was, or what he’s capable of? Not like his memory coming back told him what his role was. Sometimes we can envy robots made for a purpose for that reason.


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