Star fakers

Remember this link: Your astro sign may not be what you think it is!

It took me five minutes to realise it was bullshit. What a load of hogwash.

Firstly, that Ophiuchus constellation. It’s been in the sky ALL the bloody while, so there’s no excuse to arbitrarily bring it in now of all times.

Secondly, to appeal to your logic [by claiming astrology has no scientific basis {this he can’t prove} and astronomy does {this is a fact, but it doesn’t mean the previous statement is automatically true}] and then go right on ahead to equate horoscope and true astrology is…just wrong. Yeah horoscopes aren’t all that perfect, no guarantee that EVERYONE born in the same month as you “might meet that special someone today.” But a customised birth chart sometimes seems frankly, quite shockingly accurate. It’ll even tell you WHY!

Thirdly, the biggest fallacy, almost Baudrillardian, is to blindly assume that these characteristics assigned to each of the “astrological” signs, is actually just a set of keywords for each month. That’s not true. Astrology is a recorded science [if you disregard the rationale and mysticism behind it*] with centuries of accumulated data about how certain planetary aspects and roulette positions of the celestial planets in certain houses seem to observe carefully recorded patterns. Case in point: there are more than a few systems of calculation independently concocted by culturally diverse civilizations on the planet at different times [Placidus House system, Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology yada yada] and yet they all agree on the major traits of each of the zodiac signs.
Now note I’m not saying astrology is true beyond doubt. I’m saying, like all sciences [and astrology does put in effort towards being recognised], if it stands up to experiment [for the most part] and has not yet been proven wrong without doubt, then in the absence of a better explanation for the correlation, we can take this to be a valid hypothesis, for now. That’s the scientific method innit?

If some ignoramuses would bother to take the time to read up on more than just the Sun signs themselves; for example, the ascendants, the midheavens, the deccans and the houses and the planetary aspects, will realise astrology, as opposed to commercial horoscopes, categorizes people into far more than JUST 12 signs. There’s a whole lot going on behind the curtains, and despite the mystical bent, it’s a pretty tight system [I feel].
Also, know that astrology is at heart mathematical [nowadays anyway], and all the planetary speeds are known, to the second [they use the degrees, minutes seconds system]; their position at certain times every year are also known. I know this cos my grandpa has the scientific almanac of planetary professionals that even the professionals use.

I believe astrology was first used to make intelligent guesses about the characteristics [and shortcomings] of people and enterprises [anything that has a “birth-date” really] and can occasionally be used to predict the future [if only because planetary positions CAN be extrapolated] but strictly speaking I don’t think that was the aim of the science. The aim, as was the inspiration, was cosmic betterment, starting with the individual. If you could know your greatest strengths and weaknesses, would you be able to amplify the good and nullify the bad and become truly great?

Then, the fact that the Zodiac sign of the month was assigned the name of the constellation the Sun was in at that time is just historical convention. The fact that the Sun is no longer in the same constellation anymore is irrelevant; what was observed was the Sun’s position in the sky relative to the observer, NOT the “background” of stars behind it. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose would smell as sweet with any other name!”

* Disregarding mysticism is easy. Just because you can’t really test faith healing, or do anything more than record the effectiveness of Ayurvedic or Traditional Chinese medicine, doesn’t mean they don’t work at all. It’s just a different set of design principles and thought direction.
Astrology was based on the idea of cosmic influences from celestial bodies. It’s not deterministic at all.

So fear not, boys and girls, your star signs are still very much the same. No thanks to LiveScience FUD. :B
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