Classy gore

I just had the privilege [that I afforded myself for God knows I have nothing better to do, like maybe preparing for Physical Chemistry] of watching the very beautifully made 28 Weeks Later. I know, it’s old news by now, but for those who haven’t caught it yet, I must say, it’s worth it if only for scenes of deserted urban areas in the heart of London no less!

I’m not usually a fan of horror and gore, but the 28 series [assuming Hollywood keeps milking the cashcow] has a very distinctive style. The story’s not original, ripping off from Resident Evil was it? The dialogue’s not outstanding, the performances aren’t exactly Oscar-worthy, and no I wouldn’t watch it again [ I hate blood I’m not drinking 😛 ] but it’s a rippin’ good yarn while it lasts. And I heart the theme, can someone help me find it?


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