Thanks a lot -_-“

This is pathetic. All my valiant efforts to mug are in vain. I recently acquired what was dubbed study music; music to help me concentrate. I play it. It actually works. I could concentrate better! I actually did two MEB tutorials questions and then, I saw an icon bouncing on the dock, and with utmost sincerity and concentration I realised that it was Nexuiz which has apparently been running since last night. So I figure what could one game hurt right? Four player deathmatch with bots.
And next thing I know, 3 hours are gone, I have the highest of the high scores, and all THANKS to the stupid music. Usually I can’t game too long cos I get distracted easily, and that was a GOOD thing! AAARGH!

Exams in 2 weeks! Why am I not panicky?


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