This is just ONE team’s story.

How many more have to die?

Tch tch.
“We should just put all the irritated bad-tempered people in the world in Iran and Iraq, make it one big country and call it Irate.” – Anonymous.

Not to be crass or irreverent, but this kinda thing, we don’t even train for in NS. It’d be an ideal case to die fighting [not necessarily physically] for something you believe in; a hero’s death so to speak, as opposed to dying of a disease, an accident, or even, of nothing. It’d be even more poignant to self if you are aware beforehand that you may not come out of the squabble alive; ideas are bulletproof and all that jazz you know?

Then again, Mithila’s quote comes to mind.

“I won’t die for my beliefs, for I may be wrong.” – Bertrand Russell.

Even so, the hero’s death is without par. Don’t mind my overinflated ego in this case. Par for the course.


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