I draw pretty pictures.

Genuine Artist


Your appreciation of beauty, ability to think abstractly, and innovativeness make you an ARTIST.
Never one to be tied to a particular way of doing things, you let your imagination guide you in discovering different possibilities.
You would rather seek out new experiences than stick to your everyday habits, taking in as much of the world as possible.
Your eye for beauty and your willingness to consider different perspectives make your creative efforts interesting—even though you may not realize this yourself.
You prefer to think about things before voicing your opinion, considering a wide, diverse range of options.
While there are forms and styles that you prefer, you tend to keep an open mind when it comes to your artistic preferences.
You are curious about things, interested in the “why” more than the “how.”
You have an active imagination that leads you express yourself in a distinct way.
Your independent streak allows you to make decisions efficiently and to trust your instincts
You are balanced in your approach to problem-solving, not letting your emotions hold you up.
You tend to do things on the spur of the moment, not sticking to a set schedule.
You have a strong sense of style and value your personal presentation – friends may even seek your style advice from time to time.
You tend to believe that things happen for a reason, and that not everything is under our control.


Your outgoing personality, your preference for order, and your cautious appreciation of others makes you GENUINE.
You aren’t afraid to occasionally be the center of attention. You are comfortable and confident in social situations.
As a charismatic kind of person, you tend to be energized by other people and enjoy their company.
When other people are upset, you are able to think about the situation rationally, without getting too caught up in their feelings.
At times you find it difficult to understand where other people are coming from, and wish they could just see things the way you do.
You are a strongly principled person who believes in right and wrong. This helps you make decisions easily when it comes to moral issues – you don’t have to waste time hedging on important values.
In your experience, people tend to get what they deserve. Because of this, you work hard and try to follow your principles in your day-to-day life, knowing that you will be rewarded for your efforts.


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