A crate of Sunkist?

Anything but! It’s sweet sweet Combine-ass-kicking, headcrab mowing, Alyx-ogling [what?], [from] Hunter-running, gravity-gun fun! That’s right. Drumroll please! Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I can’t wait to announce how proud I am of my latest acquisition, Orange Box. 5 awesome games in one box, for the price of [about] one! W0000t!

By the way, if you’re having trouble with Steam. You’re not the only one. In my case, I tried restarting directly after Steam installation and still no love. PG2 was blocking some update connection. I disabled PG2 anyway, and now HL2 is working. Portal portal portal fun!

P.S: After a few hours of Portal, I must say…I’m only mildly impressed. The fad-factor lasts maybe two or three levels. After that I just found it detachedly amusing to solve puzzles. And I actually found them easy. I havent finished per se. But I’m close. Maybe 2 more levels to finishing.

Hmmm. No don’t worry. In all fairness, it’s not that Portal isn’t unique. It is. And it’s not that it’s not very engaging. You bet it is. It’s just not supposed to be played all at once I guess. You oughta swill it around, level by level, if and when you have time to kill. No all at once. It’s too sweet and too short to be gobbled up 😦 … wish someone had told me that BEFORE I played it.

I’m going to be hardcore; and finish HL2 again! And HL2 Ep 1 again! So I can play HL2 Ep 2 for the first time in peace, without feeling guilty of having had an incomplete grasp of the storyline. Talk about anal.

No seriously..talk about it 😛


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