In vitro

Now, more than ever, suddenly, there a sudden influx, a mass migration of potential story ideas. Must’ve been pent up all this while. The good part, I’m really interested in expanding on them. The bad part is, I can’t afford to even dedicate a few hours a day just to write fiction [yeah I do my research so it takes a lot more time than it should]. And at the rate the ideas hit me, wow, I only hope all of them can be enclosed in ONE universe. I don’t like to switch scenarios, unless it’s really totally different genres. Hmm, so far, most of my ideas cater to the cyber/steampunk type of dystopian/apathetic society. Maybe that’s my special happy place or something. Go figure.

Some of the cooler ones include a real-life chess commentary, with a special condition [kinda sorta inspired by TF2], with one of the bishops as a spy/defector on either side. I personally that’s going to be really cool to write about.

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