A rushed update.

WordPress is broken!! Why are the formatting punctuations not conserved upon saving the blog post and across the WYSWIG and HTML code editor?? ūüė• I have a lot of drafts know? I can’t afford to rewrite all of them.

Anyway you can expect another Honour Roll post imminently. I’m sorry myself that I took this long to get back into the game. I was…distracted and had some stuff on that I didn’t really think would affect me¬†like it did.

There’s been a recent spate of weird dreams, sometimes violent, sometimes surreal, always quiet and always nostalgic. Suddenly I find myself dreaming of locations I’ve been to in India as well, like my Gramps’ place among others. Sometimes I think dreams are the true test of someone’s individuality. Sure there’s common archetypes in them, but the exact direction and cinematic feel of anyone’s dream must be unique; I’m convinced. Collective subconscious and psyche and all that jazz. which is interesting to me now that I’m doing a introductory cell biology course. Are we born with genes that code for common dreams? Are we racially and genetically predisposed to certain kinda of music? Ah yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are glimpsing the rough industrail diamond that will be the subject of the next Honour Roll post. I’m also secretly hoping that this public claim will doubly serve as motivation to actually finish writing the post…

And seriously, am I a perfectionist? Why would people say that???¬†I don’t think of myself as one. Au contraire, I thought I was a take-it-as-it-comes¬†kinda¬†guy,¬†the¬†ideal¬†Tetris¬†player¬†so¬†to¬†speak.¬†ūüė¶¬†Hmmm.


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