As a Manchild, I also never wanna grow old.

Check this out. Caloric restriction: I just recently heard about this, and I’m pretty darn excited. I’m not really in need of a drastic diet now, but after successfully transiting to being a strict pescetarian, I want another challenge! I’m really interested in trying this out. I wonder if this intrinsically excludes bodyshaping methods or something. I’m not keen on bodybuilding or anything [ugh!] but shapely muscles ain’t so bad.

The theory is very simple. In an EEA with adequate but not excessive nutrition, organisms will adapt to survive the perceived drought period so they can live to pass on their genes. So, the metabolic rates, and the efficiency of assimilation is enhanced. Of course this also means, big-picture-wise it’s as if you’re pretending you’re actually on the brink of starving to fool your own body. But it’s not so bad as starving. In any case, doesn’t hurt to try. Right?

And the idea is just that. Calorie restriction. You still get all your nutrients. Or at least, you should.
And adult Asian male [like yours truly] needs 1950 calories a day.
Now if I can fit all my vitamins and minerals into 1250 calories, for a start, that should be pretty impressive. Hmmm, the bad part is sometimes I tend to not know my limits…so I’ll just need some outside help.

Awright then, it’s settled. Starting tomorrow, CR diet.
Haha relax. CR diet in the next two months. I’ll prepare myself by getting used to eating less gradually first. 🙂 See, I’m not THAT stupid.


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