Allergic to bullshit?


Ian Dravid: wutcha been upto? i got a very potent influenza strain. it started digesting me from within

Mithila: i see……….so what did you do then?

Ian Dravid: very soon i was literally mush, no thanks to rogue phagocytosis. my immune system missed the trees for the forest, and started turning on allied troops

Mithila: did you ingest some drug? you sound vaguely lost

Ian Dravid: never one to accept foreign funds to fuel private war 

Mithila: ………..

Ian Dravid: i soldiered on and this double agent, this brilliant scientist, managed to hold out long enough

Mithila: who obviously is not you

Ian Dravid: and come up with the perfect drug: an antibody

Mithila: i see

Ian Dravid: the l33t thing in modern warfare. biological agents and btw the weapon, we call it X, HAS been patented AND is most certainly of allied creation

Mithila: ……………

Ian Dravid: the war will soon be won

Mithila: is this going somewhere?

Ian Dravid: thanks to X i’m actually really getting better:) see? i’m darn informative eh?

Mithila: um yea…a well of information. a myriad of information

Ian Dravid: yeah it usually works unless ure allergic to bullshit

Mithila: excellent. achoo!

The dire consequences of CH/BG1031 Biomolecular Engineering :S.   


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