Oh, the irony.

For the longest time, it puzzled me why Apple would bank on the iPod. That was the thing that started off teh new revolution wasn’t it. Winning converts, with a halo effect that couldn’t have been foreseen. Indeed, the initial reviews of the Ist-gen iPod was harsh, literally condemning Apple to concentrate on the cmputer business.

But maybe Msr. Jobs had it planned all along. Or maybe not. Look at this. Till today the number of companies making Mac-friendly MP3 players is literally one-handed math. And I’m pretty sure, MP3 players aren’t the only consumer electronic peripherals that are’t being made Mac-friendly for no apparent reason.

What’s really ironic is that the iPod MAY have started off as an MP3 player solution for Apple’s customers [iTunes and iPod were initially only available for Apple systems], and it was so good, and so much more elegant than the very competition that didn’t even recognise it as a competitor until it was too late. Chuckle.


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