Surf’s up at Maverick’s. BTW, get Miro.

I watched surf’s up recently, and I actually wondered if there was such a place. And there is! And how did I find out? By watching a totally random video on Miro, formerly known as Democracy Player.I was skeptical at first but Miro kicks ass. There’s a gazillion channels, with all free video content, that you can let the program download at its own pace, and it alerts you when it’s done. And don’t worry downloads are fast.AND it intelligently manages the content for you, auto-deleting them a defined number of days after you first watch them and allowing you to set quotas so you dont eat up HD space. AND there’s HD content, and there’s free movies and shorts, and music videos. AND it’s open source freeware, so it’s not going to die off anytime soon.AND it even downloads YouTube content for you. Sweet. If you’re like me and want something new on your comp all the time, Miro’s for you.


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