Symbols. Common. n00b.

I email a lot. A LOT. A lot more than my peers. I’m in that unfortunate generation that is sandwiched between snail-mail and the telephone, AND instant messaging and Skype. I freaking hate my handwriting [I’ve been told its tidy-looking…I wonder if that’s a compliment.] and my voice, AND I get lazy to type out small inconsistent annoying regular SMSes, and sometimes IM is just too much for me [doesn’t mean I don’t SMS or IM a lot. I do; but it’s not something I particularly look forward to]So, email. I love email. Send-mail howto is my fave howto. [Actually that was extreme geekery; I don’t actually read howto-s] So I email a lot. And I’ve been emailing even more than usual these past 3,4,5…how long has Gmail been out in the wild? Anway, I been emailing a lot, and all this while I see the stadard tags To, CC, and BCC and it just strikes me as silly I always make a mental note to at least find out what that is, and in due course, actually use it intelligently, and to think I haven’t till this fateful day.CC stands for carbon copy. You get a copy of your sent mail in your/recipient inbox as well as your sent-mail folder. Less useful now with webmail, but hey.BCC stands for blind carbon copy. You send a copy of the email to a person/group of people, that you don’t want dentified in the mail tags that the people in the To: section can see. Hmmm, like you send an email to Mary and BCC Joseph, meaning Joseph knows you sent it to Mary, but Mary thinks she’s the only one who got the email. Handy, maybe. And the Apple [clover] symbol. Ever wondered what that meant? Now you know. Thanks Digg. 


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