Baat Meri Suniye To Zara

Above-mentioned song from Kuch Naa Kaho. Great lyrics. Bold for the guy’s lines, and italics for the female. 


Listen to me for once *2


What do you have to say?


Listen carefully and tell me what you think.

Why are all women so arrogant, vain and incredibly stuck up?

We’re just being nice to you so why the bloody attitude?


You listen to me!


What do you have to say?


We’re not always like that!

Even if we were; so what?

Why shouldn’t we be proud or even arrogant,

when we have the world at our feet?

Our beauty drives you crazy.

Even when we break your hearts, you have to admit we do it with a certain charm.

We hope you got the answer you were looking for.


Hear me out just this once.

Let me tell you the secret of your beauty and your charm.

It is we who behold the magic in your silly acts,

and honor your silly tantrums with attention.

It is we who call your smallest virtue sublime,

and make your ordinary looks legendary.

Your beauty remains unmatched only in the eyes of the beholder.

Without us, where would you be?


If you think that we owe our looks to you,

then it’s clear that our beauty has you so intoxicated that you can’t think straight at all.

Why else would you blabber like that?


Obviously you missed the point.

Never you mind. Lemme explain.

If you want to be vain, that’s fine.

But don’t ever forget the glow on your face

only reflects the fires of our passion for the world to see.


It’s not surprising; we’ve cast a spell on you.

with our petal-soft skin and lips like buds,

and hair so fragrant and dark like the night.


But we’re the ones who compared our lips to buds and skin to blossoms.

It is we who respond to your glance as if it’s magical,

and your words as if it’s poetry.

And we’re the ones who see the mystery of the night in in your hair.

If we didn’t look at you, and adore you and worship you,

who else would call a stone idol a god?


Listen to me for once.


Leave it. What’s left to say?


Look here. Hear me out just this once.


I know exactly what you’ll say…


But just listen anyway?


Maybe later, if I have the time.


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