Pimp my Safari; Grease2Cream support thread.

Safari users rejoice! There is a Safari extension, that does for Safari what Greasemonkey does for Firefox [and not Camino 😥 ] and while some scripts in the userscripts.org database work, not all do, probably cos the rendering engine of Safari [KHTML and Javascriptcore was it?] isn’t Gecko, Firefox’s rendering engine. So…So what I would like to do for the Mac community, is try out scripts that I find useful if not essential in Firefox, and see which ones work in Safari. And I’ll list them out here, with links. And if any passing reader [who happens to be a Safari user [Creammonkey is for Mac only :p] and has Creammonkey installed, and is willing to try out a few scripts] can email me good news about scripts that do work. How about it? Our good deed of the proverbial day!Ok. Here goes:

  • Google Multi-engine
  • Download Youtube Video III
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