70+20+10 = infinity

All study and no play made Jack a very dull boy. So in the tradition initiated by Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google,

“Spend 70 percent of your time on the core business, 20 percent on related projects, and 10 percent on unrelated new businesses.”

Let’s break this down. My core business is University education; related projects include tuition [for a bit of allowance] and a soon-to-be implemented fitness regime – including my soon-to-start Aikido training –  [that WILL contribute to greater productivity in the long run], among other things [I can’t think of anything else for now…].

Totally unrelated stuff would be my violin classes, and blogging and gaming. And anything else I can fit into the schedule.

Ok, there are 24*7 hours in a week, that’s 168hours.

Assuming sleep is on average 7-8 hours, [university students need ample rest :p], that’s 2/3 of 168 remaining to take over the world [eventually]. Specifically, it’s 112hours. On top of that, 2-3 hours/day to freshen up, eat and do stuff essential to survive. So that’s 98hours approx to do productive stuff. But I don’t think I’m a capitalist venture. So…how about 60+20+20?

20% of that is 20hours to sit back and chill. 20 hours to concentrate on mugging-related stuff, and by extension 60 hours left to mug/week.

Ok, now I got the figures down, so I’ll have to look at my calculator, and see where I can fit all this in :).

The uni schedule is so fragmented, even for my course, that it’s easy to just fit stuff in. If any extra time is needed, it’ll of course be cut from the 20% sector. The fun-20% is way too important.

Ok it seems that lectures and tutorials in a typical week take up 27-30hours total. Travel time is 2 hour to, and 2hours back. Maybe I can use travel time to catch up on much needed sleep, means I get to sleep a bit later at night. Maybe by 10 – 10.30pm.

Reveille at 5.30am. To go running…hmmm. This isn’t very plausible. Not every day; don’t think I can sustain. Ok reveille at 6.15am everyday, even on Wednesdays. Go running/cycling on Wednesdays. For 1 hour at least.

Mug 8 hrs per weekday, including school stuff. So that’ll be 2 hours extra on Monday, 5 hours on Tuesday [plenty of time between lectures], 2 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday and 2 Friday.

On Saturdays, I have Aikido from 9.30am to 12.30am, and tuition from 2.30-5.30pm, so maybe 6.30 – 7.30 I can squeeze in violin practice. 7.30 to 9.30pm, get some tutorials done maybe.

And on Sundays, tuition from 1030 to 12pm and violin class from 5-6pm. So


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