Spider-pig! -chuckle-

The Simpsons movie was actually good. I mean the show’s been going on for millions of years now [that’s 19-20 by normal human count], and it’s still hilarious. How do they do it? They come up with the most outrageous stuff week after week! I always loved the fact that if you miss 5min of any single episode, you’re probably not going to get what’s happening, and I’m sure part of the hysterical hilarity is precisely cos of that.

And you know, you’d think, a movie of a successful TV show is bound to be lukewarm compared to the show itself, especially because the movie MUST cater to a wider audience, including people who may have never watched a single Simpsons episode before [freaks of nature! What else do you have a TV for?]
And the Simpsons movie pulls it off. There is no learning curve. Just got me wondering; the show is so spontaneous, it’s almost surreal, and even existential. There’s no particular reason anything happened. Everything depended on everything else. In fact, without the crisis Homer caused, he wouldn’t have been able to salvage his crumbling family ties by saving the day. Isn’t that so cool? The effect justifies the cause?

PLUS there was a message, that wasn’t screaming obvious. Take care of the environment people; DO NOT, under any circumstances raise a pet pig, and IF you absolutely MUST, DO NOT dump the pig crap silo in a nearby river! That’s the moral of the story. And that’s also a spoiler muahahahahaha!

I really don’t mind people like Homer; I know a few [not you BenD, definitely not you :p]

Marge Simpson: How did the pig tracks get on the ceiling?

[cuts to Homer holding a pig to the ceiling]

Homer Simpson: [singing Tune to Spider-Man Theme Song] Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig. / Does whatever a Spider-Pig does. / Can he swing / from a web? / No he *can’t*, / cause he’s a *pig*. / Look out! / He is the *Spider-Pig*!

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