Say no to OOXML

OOXML stands for Office Open eXtensible Markup Language, and had nothing whatsoever to do with It’s a brilliant [or cheap] ploy by Microsoft to bank on the concept of being open, and they want to pass this as an international Standard. Well it IS open, they’re opening the code up for review by the ISO authority. BUT the problem is their standards are broken, and in some cases directly contradict existing standards,[for example, leap years are calculated to be divisible by 4, or 400 for years that end with ’00 but Microsoft’s Office Suite only calculates 4 and 100]

And the bad part is, with their economic might, they just might be able to “convince” the standards committee. Don’t let this happen.

Say no to OOXML.

PS: It’s not much, but the first step has been take. OOXML fails to get initial approval in the US!


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