Dueling with tachyons

Part of my read-up on superluminal travel mechanisms for the story I’m writing. This brings into question an interesting concept. Everyone always brings up the grandfather paradox right?

But I think the future is a sum result of the past and present. Anything can happen, but whatever happens is causally related to what has been building up in the moments until now, and the future is always one step ahead of now. This is like a dimensionary view of time. If you can assume the three dimensions of space to be like Planck-length layers cumulatively stacked to form a 3D space, then time [as it passes; NOT the way we measure it] is also dimensionary.

So let’s say A went back in time and killed his own grandpa, then the original timeline is not rendered incorrect; it just splits into two possibilities, and the original timeline carries on as per normal with the mysterious disappearance of A. But in the split [alternate?] timeline, only one A would exist and he would have a totally unexplicable origin in that timeline, but NOT in the universe as a whole. Matter cannot be created or destroyed; that symmetry applies over time as well, which is why you can have energy split up into matter and anti-matter locally for a small period of time but overall there is no net change. Right?

Now you can bring in more concepts of causality. Let’s say, regardless of local timeline[s], some things will happen whether you like it or not. Like the universe is expanding, and if the ratio of gravitational pull [influenced by mass of all matter in the universe] to speed of expansion of universe is too high, then we’ll start hurtling back into the Big Crunch. So in that case, regardless of which timeline you’re in, the Big Crunch WILL happen. So this is strictly not the same as alternate dimensions a la nouveau science fiction where sometimes even established laws of physics don’t apply in some dimensions.
So if some cosmic level, some things are bound to happen that nothing can stop, it can be argued that some local events are also bound to happen and nothing can stop them, giving rise to invariant events. Talk of synchronicity; ever come across descriptions of events that are so fantastic that you just have to wonder if it’s isn’t all a divine conspiracy? [Note: I’m NOT talking about your so-called emo lives] I’m talking about events that can only ever be explained otherwise with a modification of the anthropic principle. The probability is just too low to think about this scenario having been favoured as opposed to any other. For example, why is the proton the least heavy baryon and not the neutron? No one can explain it; it seems almost arbitrary, but if this were not the case, atoms could’ve never formed. It’s almost magic that sometimes things just fall into place. In the absence of God theories, it gets a bit hard…

On a related note, I read that it has been argued that at a fundamental level, cosmic time is actually the same as thermodynamic time. In the second law of thermodynamics, we’re introduced to entropy, the state of disorder. The second law states that, entropy ALWAYS increases, even when the apparent change is decrease in chaos and increase in order.

So even in reversible processes where the results should be symmetric in time, the second law sorta nudges the result in the entropy’s favour. Since we arbitrarily and unknowingly decided that indirect symptoms of entropy can be used to measure and denote time, our world view of time is the same as cosmic time, which is actually thermodynamic time. The direction of time where entropy always increases. So in that sense, if we were heading back to the Big Crunch, that’s a global universal decrease in entropy, not local, so does that mean events happens backwards? And the entropy gets reversed directly? Or is it more of the rate of entropy increase slows down slowly, heading to zero. But the matter is moving faster and faster [closer to light speed] and so the final moments gets dragged out [time dilation] and the time taken to slow down increases exponentially until the Big Crunch, and will someone hit the reset switch ASAP?


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