The Citadel blew up.

Woohoo, HL2 Ep1 was every bit as riveting as the original and the sequel. But I’m seriously peeved; why does EVERY official HL2 world have a level dedicated to Zombies? I mean, I hate those guys; they’re no fun. They’re slow, they’re dumb and they just shuffle up behind you and you don’t even notice! And ending the Ep with a Strider “boss” battle is…um lame? But then again, kudos to the AI: Alyx actually manages to stay alive unless I literally throw a grenade at her [it was an accident, really!] and the Striders really know how to move in small spaces. The Ant-lions were irritating this time round too. There’s something I don’t understand.
When I went through the weapon confiscation fields, they took out every bit of metal from me, but what’s with confiscating my pheropod? That’s organic innit?
I suppose having a super uber-powered gravity gun sorta makes up for it. You’re forgiven this time round, Valve…


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