The G-Man’s Offer

The most irritating part about Half-Life is catching the occasional glimpse of the G-Man and he’s obviously survived that far while you’re really struggling with the jumping levels [no NOT the strafe-and-shoot-lather-rinse-repeat process; that’s really fun] that make you wish the long-jump module wasn’t just for Xen, and you wonder what the hell IS in that suitcase that vaporizes enemies even a mile away OR maybe it’s just an insta-kill melee weapon. Grrrr.

BUT I did it. I played through Half-Life again. And I’m pleased to report it has stood the test of time, it is still an awesome game. Well I did install the HD resolution pack that upped the eye-candy of the moving characters. Killing marines is never an easy thing, but they really refuse to co-operate. On that note, I dunno, I had a harder time with H-L AI than with F.E.A.R…What’s that mean?

And this time round I loved it, every second of pure cinematic adventuresome bliss. Well, to be fair I’ve been itching to play just any Valve game after I read this. Really made me see things in a new light, even when I was pulling images from memory. Truly an unprecedented revolutionary way to make an unexpectedly awesome game. Valve’s come through not once but thrice now, namely with the H-L1 set of games, and then HL2 and then HL2-Ep1. Now I really really can’t wait for Ep 2.

Next up BlueShift. No wait, OppForce first 🙂 HL Platinum Set rawks.

PS: Oh shite. OppForce and Blueshift keep crashing and the patches won’t work cos it’s a pre-STEAM version! Argh. Fine. That’s the second set of stupid crashes since I got stuck on Onderon in KOTOR2:TSL. Cwap, such awful Luck. Moving on to HL2 as planned.


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