Return to Lambda Core

Oh boy oh boy I’m expecting the arrival of HL2-Ep2 very soon and before that, I owe it to myself to try HL2:Ep1 and find out what happened since I last left Gordon and Alyx inside the Citadel and since I don’t like jumping in halfway, I HAVE to replay HL2 again just in case, so I don’t miss anything important. And since I’m going to have to play HL@ anyway, might as well start with the glorious original. And while I’m at it, I’ll also check out OppForce and BlueShift, just to be as thorough as possible. šŸ™‚ See? it’s all very logical.

But now I remember why I dreaded playing Half-life before. It’s the atmosphere. I really wouldn’t survive if I were in Gordon’s shoes. I don’t think so. Dangerous aliens I can handle. But the army’s not on my side either? C’mon! That’s too much. And jumping puzzles. -_-” I foresee a bit of trouble fitting in the HEV suit..

But HL is a joyride to be relished every time. Truly a pioneering vision that sparked off a new era of cinematic gaming.


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