I want a new iPhone…I mean phone

Oh wow, check out the new iPhone ads! This is seriously awesome. Apple’s making a phone.

But…. I admit I can be a bit rabid about Apple products, I haven’t patronised every single device they sell, notably the iPod. Not just because everyone else has it [that too -_-‘], but what I want from a music playback device is simply not completely covered by iPod specifications. It’s elegant, check. It’s easy to sync, check [I LOVE iTunes!]. It’s easy to use, check. The click wheel, c’mon that was brilliant! But, the battery life is pathetic.

I get anal about battery life, that’s MY shortcoming but still. I don’t want a iPod video that shuts down after I watch one [long] movie on it. If that’s the case, I’d rather not use the iPod for watching videos. Especially with such a small screen. Nor is the picture capability very impressive. The screen remains very small. I don’t think you’re able to have “wallpapers” [I could be wrong, seeing as I’ve never handled an iPod longer than 10min] so I DON’T need to carry my pictures around. And the hard-drive space: when it first came out, it was unthinkable. It was overkill. 30GB for people who didn’t have [wouldn’t ever have] 30GB of songs. And even if they came close, thank god for the playlists, cos it’s going to take forever to listen to them all.
So in effect, the iPod would [or maybe still does; 80GB anyone?] serve a largely redundant purpose as a backup drive. For a while I was fascinated by that, and then Jobs’ RDF wore off, and I realised, if I want a backup drive, I could get one with more space for a fraction of the cost of an iPod. And if I want a music player, with more battery life [24hours [avg] is too little for me…I don’t want to have to charge more than twice a week.]

So right now, I’m using Samsung YP-Z5F. When it came out, it was called, the nano-killer.
[Well, the true story is, an Apple engineer defected over to Samsung and brought the secrets of the iPod nano with him. Hence technology similar to the click wheel, but in the form of a click square..] And do check out the playback time. 38 hours of pure bliss. Sometimes I get to charge once a week and it plays and plays and never stops! I like that in my device.

So I digressed a bit. Point being. Yes the iPhone has superior superb technologies. It looks so good I’d buy two just to keep one in a showcase. It’s going to sync seamlessly with my future Macbook, I just know that. BUT…talktime of 5 hours. Music playback only 16 hours. Video playback 4-5hours. Ummm. I’m assuming, I’m HOPING that’s with the loudspeaker on. Since it IS being marketed as part iPod-video, and NOT as a phone with music & video enabled, [that’s why there’s so much space right? 4/8GB?], I’m assuming they do want people to use it regularly as an entertainment device.

Let’s say you manage 4hours of travel everyday. 2 hours to destination and 2 hours back home. 4/16: that’s 25% of your battery gone just like that! Then you make at least 30minutes of calls maybe a day [what’s else is the *phone* for?] then that’s 10% more of your battery life. Random videos to show your friends or amuse yourself, say maybe 15-30minutes *at least*, that’s 10% of your battery. Normal SMS-ing and random fiddling with widgets, not to mention browsing the Internet with WiFi enabled, and using Google Maps for whatever reason, woah that’s easily at least 10% more.

So in effect, you’ll end up using at least 50% of your battery every day. And if you’re like me, you won’t like waking up to a phone that’s not ready to take a beating just in case. So you’ll charge it every night. Add to that, the limitation of limited charge cycles…It’s not an iPod? The average iPod [battery’s] lifetime is 12-18months. I don’t want to keep replacing [any part of] the smartest phone on earth every 18 months if I can help it.

Of course, if I did get an iPhone, it would definitely not be for the iPod feature [alone]. Random videos, sure, but not movies. A coupla mp3 ringtones, but not entire playlists. It’d be purely for the widgets, Safari [thanks to WiFi] and the cool factor [OS X and multi-touch and *high technology*]. But I already have a Macbook [w/o the multitouch..I’ll be fine] for that. So why not, I get a smartphone that does all that a phone needs to do and then some AND gives me good battery life?
Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to SE P1i.

A comparison of the two.

It wasn’t an easy fight, but I’ll take a P1i. Now, time to start saving…
Unless Apple manages to improve the battery life. Please please? You guys really have such a stellar product. Make it happen!

P.S: [After WWDC], Aw man. No SDK? And the small consolation that they’ll allow AJAX based apps to run with Safari’s engine. And calling that ingenious and marvellous and simplistic, with the “tagline” ‘No SDK required’…that was a low-blow man.

P.P.S: A new report. If they say so…I’ll wait and see.


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