Oh wow, am I super excited about the future of web-based applications. Ever since I saw the capabilities of iGoogle’s Web Apps, and with the recent introduction of Google Gears, it’s only a matter of time before we see a bona fide GoogleOS, that operates right from your browser. Then it really won’t matter what OS you use externally, over the internet, everyone will be using the same thing!

The only thing I haven’t understood till now is why Google is willing to give up so much space for Gmail, but not up to webhosting like Yahoo-Geocities. I know they have Blogger, but I really would love to have some FTP space. sure there are other hosts, but I love Google. The only reason I chose Blogger over WordPress was cos Google owns [or 0wnz] Blogger. So.

But I digress. Until the GoogleOS debuts, here’s something interesting.


If you have a perosnal server or something, go to eyeOS.org and download your own copy!


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