Words are meaningful

Of that you have no idea. If we had no words, we couldn’t speak. And if we couldn’t speak….if I couldn’t speak, I would die. Words are meaning given form. Words define me, whether I like it or not. Even a name is a label. Words are the reason I’m alive I’m alive because I’m able to say, and dream and write and think that I’m alive.

People who think complex thinking can be done without language should be shot and killed. I’m with you Vygotsky! We think in the fluid of language. We think on the firm scaffolding of language. We think under the restraints of language. We think about the possibilities of language. Even math is a language. Colours are a language unto themselves. Music is a language. Feelings are like colours, chromatic language. See red? Green-eyed? Blue cadaver?

The written word is a representation of the spoken syllables which are representations of abstract thought. Baudrillard applauds from the grave. Which came first? The concept or the word? Considering even an image is a word [or a thousand], Deacon’s co-evolution theory sounds promising. We ARE smarter because we have language and we have language because we are smarter.

Is it too behaviourist to say you can’t say what you don’t mean? What if you WANT [wish] a lie to be true? To even concoct the unique word combination that you will eventually use, the thoughts must arise first. The mental image is given solid form, however transient. And so to have said something, you must have thought about it. And if you thought about something for even a second…well, it’s the thought that matters right?

And perhaps a unwanted side-effect of the solidity, words cannot be unsaid. At least it can be argued that the spoken word can be deemed to have never existed, recorded voices can be erased, written copies burnt, digital copies deleted. But you forget.

Words are like a contract. The black and white that stand for the abstract thoughts that speaker and the spoken-to shared, even for a second, despite variable interpretations. In the legal world, the black and white should preferably also be a Spelke object, [lawyers graduate from an institution of kinder-Universität] but for all intents and purposes, words are much more than directional reception of vibrations in the air. Words signal the end of chaos and herald the birth of meaning. Like a phoenix, born anew every time. Words aren’t just noise. If music is the set of sounds that is melodious to the ear, then words are sounds that stimulate the brain.

That’s why truth is more than just a word. That’s why loyalty means much more than can ever be shown. That’s why honour is an ideal concept that you continually struggle to live up to. That’s why words [can] cut deeper than knives ever will.

That’s why the pen is mightier than the sword.


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